The trouble was, I had been inadequate all along, I simply hadn’t thought about it
В жж у автора, которая когда-то написала фик по Inception с Хомским и русскими футуристами обнаружилось:

Sometimes, after a long, hard day of torturing political prisoners, Vladimir thought about giving it all up. He daydreamed idly, as he picked at the more persistent bits of coagulated blood underneath his fingernails, about all the things he'd finally have a chance to do once he resigned. He'd finally have time to finish his novel -- the one about the young Russian peasant who could talk to animals -- or take that whale-watching cruise he'd been wanting to go on forever, or maybe even track down that island in the Pacific he'd heard about where you could hunt man for sport.

Then he'd come home to find Dmitry waiting for him on the bearskin rug in their master bedroom, completely naked save for a strategically placed bottle of vodka, and he'd remember what made it all worthwhile.


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